Find your flow.

Find your style (or try a few), book your spot and I’ll meet you on your mat.

Hatha Yoga – Flow
Awaken. Cultivating a resilient mind and building strength within your physical body, Mel’s Hatha Flow classes offer a dynamic yoga practice that works to improve mobility and muscle tone as you lengthen, open, and explore your range of movement (…and no, you don’t need to be flexible to join us!)
Sunrise flow classes may be medium or slow-paced, depending on how we’re feeling as a collective on the day!
Hatha Yoga – Slow Flow

Open. A nourishing slower-paced yoga class embodying the essence of yoga as a moving meditation. Our Slow Flow classes offer the opportunity to find your alignment, learn transitions between poses, connect with your breath, and of course, have some fun!

All levels are welcome including beginners (it’s a great class if you’re new to yoga).

Rest & Restore Yoga
Breathe. Surrender and come back to self as we move through a nurturing yoga practice designed to support you in releasing tension from mind & body, letting go of life’s stressors and activating your parasympathetic (rest & digest) nervous system. Integrating yin, restorative and yoga nidra (effortless relaxation/yogic sleep), Mel’s Rest & Restore classes provide an opportunity to journey within, reconnect and find a renewed sense of peace & ease.
Guided Meditation
Meditation practice endeavours to renew your mind-body connection and refresh your sense of wellbeing by deeply nouring your nervous system. From uplifting and energising, to fostering creative innovation and winding down, calming in preparation for relaxation – there’s a practice for you. Meditation can be done on the floor with a cushion or seated in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. 
Mel will guide you through the meditation practice which may include visualisation techniques, breathwork, mantra, gentle sounding, and periods of silence.
Note – It’s not about abolishing thoughts from our minds, but rather noticing when our minds wander off with thoughts and inviting them back with love and compassion to find stillness in the present moment. 
Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal Yoga is a nurturing practice focussed on connection, restoration, relaxation and preparation for both mum and bub as you journey closer to meeting one another earth-side. Through a conscious combination of breathing techniques, asanas (postures/positions) and restorative practices you will build strength, stamina and relaxation tools to support your birthing journey and your innate connection to the life within.