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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long is the class?

Classes vary in length. Generally, they run for 60min, 75min or 90min.

What should I bring?

Please BYO Yoga Mat, a towel and water bottle to class as well as any additional props you’d like to use.
Yoga blocks (or a few think books) and a blanket are always a lovely addition to your practice. 

Please ensure you have a safe space to practice in, free from any obstacles. 

Is yoga or meditation suitable for me?

*If you have any questions regards whether this activity is suitable for you, please check with your healthcare practitioner.

Supporting our community.

Pay-it-forward donations – if you’d like to make a contribution to support Mel’s yoga, meditation and wellbeing initiatives as part of the Namakind community, you can make an online contribution (card payment) via the form below or OSKO transfer to Mel van Deventer – 0433 905 302 at any time before or after class.

All donations are greatly appreciated.


Pay-It-Forward Donations

Payments are processed securely through Stripe. *Note – donations are not tax deductible. 

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